Get To Know Our Best Values

Our beginnings were as one would expect, humble and organic – quite simply a group of friends, searching for adventure.

Albeit a highly experienced team, in a wide variety of sporting pursuits fuelled with an unrelenting passion for the outdoors – we began exploring our island home.

As the weeks, months and years passed, more and more friends and family enjoyed the rare chance to leave their busy lives and venture away from the stresses and constraints of everyday life and revel in the excitement and sense of freedom in reliving and revisiting those distant childhood memories – the thrill of discovery and the search for adventure.

In an age where our lives are being manipulated and controlled ever-more-so by electronics, the majority of families who have joined us on our adventures have truly benefitted from the opportunity to spend “REAL” quality time together and (for many of them) to experience the healthy escapism from the otherwise – repetitive, monotony of daily life.

 From secret waterfalls fed by hidden paths, to mountain peaks and riverbeds the forest trees and broad spectrum of tropical island indigenous wildlife – these are the essential natural elements from which EXPLORERS MAURITIUS was born. 

Despite having grown considerably since those early days into a much larger operation we continue to maintain a very personal and individual approach to all who join us.

We thank you all for the belief and trust that you have so kindly placed in us and to those friends who actively help us protect the environment that allows us the continued opportunity to do what we love.  

Here’s to hoping that our paths cross very soon!

The Explorers Mauritius Team.

Success Goes, Integrity’s Forever

Our mission is first and foremost to showcase the natural beauty and biodiversity that the island of Mauritius has to offer. Presented in a manner that is both responsible and sustainable, we lead you to secret locations that you never dreamed possible.

With a distinct love for the outdoors and ecotourism we are proud to play our role in imparting our unique insight and knowledge regarding the significance of both biodiversity protection mechanisms and environmental conservation to further protect these unique ecosystems for generations to come.

Our unique unwavering passion for people, cultures and experiences paired with new conceptual ideas – we gladly rise to the challenge in sharing these moments with all who join our expeditions in a way that will hopefully inform and inspire.

All of our adventures advocate and promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle – in which partners, friends, families and children receive the opportunity to share in the rare excitement of discovering things about themselves that they may never have thought possible, whilst taking in some of the most spectacular views and chance animal encounters that our planet earth can provide.

Yes, the activities will require you to have fair level of fitness, as many of them involve hiking and scrambling over uneven and sometimes challenging terrain.

Yes, there is the high probability of mosquitos (so prepare your itinerary’s well – and bring the necessary repellant).

Yes, on the rare occasions there can be small areas of mud in which mountain streams may have burst their banks due to heavy rain (if in doubt, ask first).

However, to experience things you never have. You have to negotiate obstacles that you never have. This all forms  part of the adventure and we are supremely confident that you will benefit from a real sense of accomplishment afterwards in what you have achieved and truly enjoy every minute of it.

We have carefully tailored all of these key aspects into a professional “exciting” and “adventurous” package that is safe and controlled. It allows each and every visitor the unique opportunity to learn, appreciate and promote the importance of what we do, whilst truly relishing in the long-overdue opportunity to reacquaint themselves with their own “inner child” in the process.

We can assure you

“It’s the most fun – you’ve had in years!”  


Excellent Qualifications and Top Safety


33+ years of climbing, hiking and trekking.

Certified Rescue

Mountain, river, ocean diver rescue.

Certified Lifesaving

First responder, first aid and lifesaving instructors certified.

Safety Equipment

Resuscitation and Portable defibrillator qualified.


Comprehensive insurance cover (US$1,000,000.00 / MUR33,000,000.00) per person high risk cover.