Hiking, Trekking and Nature Walks in Mauritius

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  • Le Morne Brabant “UNESCO – Le Morne”

    Discover the beauty and majesty of Le Morne mountain as we climb our way from its base to the top of the “V” whilst you take in the spectacular scenery.

    • €60 (MUR.2500) / Adult
    • €45 (MUR.2000) / Child (13 – 17 yrs)
  • Le Morne Brabant “Family Adventure”

    Journey as one entire family, with your children, on our unique “family adventure” at Le Morne mountain.

    • €45 (MUR.2000) / Adult
    • €35 (MUR.1500) / Child (under 7 yrs)
  • Black River Gorges “The Gorges”

    Explore the heart of the Black River Gorges with us and be astounded by its hidden treasures as they gradually reveal themselves to you.

    • €90 (MUR.4000) / Adult
    • €70 (MUR.3000) / Child (13 - 17 yrs)
  • Chamarel Falls “Untouched Beauty”

    Uncover the soul of the island as we descend into a secret valley and follow the uniques sights and sounds of the river as we weave our way of the base of Chamarel falls.

    • €60 (MUR.2500) / Adult
    • €45 (MUR.2000) / Child (13 – 17 yrs)
  • Le Piton Chamarel

    Experience the thrill of hiking and scrambling to the highest pinnacle point (828m) on the island as we climb our way to the summit of the Piton (Point) of Black River.

    • €60 (MUR.2500) / Adult
    • €45 (MUR.2000) / Child (13 - 17 yrs)
  • Trois Mamelles Bassin

    Traverse the most exciting ridge-line, on the island at Trois Mamelle and stand in awe of the spectacular scenery that lies on both the North and South Western flanks as we climb to an altitude of 600m.

    • €60 (MUR.2500) / Adult
    • €45 (MUR.2000) / Child (13 - 17 yrs)